A Beginner Coder’s Guide

I believe that self-learning is the best way to learn anything.

Being an explorer of the new facets of technology will obviously thrill you.
However it will also be overwhelming at the beginning but we just need to take a step beyond our comfort zone.

As Albert Einstein once said,

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”

I had written my first “Hello World” code in C++ when I was in the sixth standard. Something about coding, pulled me right in. The combination of 0’s and 1’s made me excited and so here I am, pursuing Bachelor Of Technology in Computer Science.

Before embarking on a journey to code, I would first instruct every newbie coder to learn the basic fundamental syntax of the language. If you lack resources, then sign up for a course here Coursera, Udemy, Khan Academy, or the best, free platform for resources, YouTube. Depending on the language of your choice, you can find resources there!

Once you are done brushing up the syntax, it’s time to get into action! You all might be wondering what is the next step after this point.

It’s HackerRank.

The main guest for today’s article is HackerRank, probably the most newbie friendly, resourceful, simple platform to exist so far! I am going to discuss HackerRank very elaborately in my article today for all of those excited newbie coders out here.

HackerRank Sign Up/Log In Page

Click on the Start Coding for Developers and then Sign up if you are a new user or Log In with your credentials if you are already a registered user. Once you are done you’ll be redirected to your Dashboard.

Skills you can learn at HackerRank

Move to the practice tab on the Dashboard. You can see that there are numerous skills available you can learn at HackerRank! Below that you’ll also get to see the various tutorials. It’s an extremely organized platform. Personally, HackerRank helped me get through the basics, code efficiently when I started just coding.

One word of caution, every class should be named Solution in HackerRank

Once you feel like you can’t understand the language of a particular program, you can refer to the discussion section for hints. You can even unlock solutions in the leaderboard tab if you cannot solve the problem. A word of caution, you’ll not be rewarded points for the problem for which you viewed the solution!

With all being said, you can also get certified at HackerRank for your particular skills in the Certification tab. You can also compete in ongoing competitions or test out your learnt skills in archived competitions. Other than all of these, do check out the Job tab for self-exploration.

I can’t guarantee you that this is the most effective guide you’ll find out there. However, being the explorer that you are, I’m pretty sure you’ll do just fine!

With all being said, I would advise you all that there are going to be ups and downs in your journey. But…

“Never give up.”

Happy Coding to you all!

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